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Electronic Test Benches
Electronic Test Benches
Whether you are producing a single assembly or a production run, Custom Crimp® has the test equipment to give both you and your customer the assurance that the product has been assembled correctly.

A programmable PLC Controller gives the operator the ability to pre-program and repeat a test sequence and print the results on the attached tape (optional save to USB).

Electronic Test Benches "PLC" Series:
BE 1500PLC, BE 2500PLC, BE 3500PLC, BE 4000PLC

Customized and Special Design Benches
In addition to the standard series test benches special purpose test benches can be designed by our engineering department, as well as an extension trough can be designed to meet specific requirements.

BE 1500PLC
BE 2500PLC
BE 3500PLC
BE 4000PLC
Inside Cabinet Dimensions
D: 67" x W: 33" x H: 17"
D: 1702 mm x W: 838 mm x H: 432 mm
Test Bench Size
D: 85" x W: 39" x H: 52" (H: 78" opened)
D: 2159 mm x W: 991 mm x H: 1321 mm (H: 1981 mm opened)
Test Bench Weight
955 Lbs. / 433 Kg.
Maximum Pressure
21,750 psi /1500 bar
36,250 psi / 2500 bar
50,750 psi / 3500 bar
60,000 psi / 4000 bar
Low Pressure
5,000 psi / 345 bar
Electrical Power
1 HP - 110 V (Standard)
Electrical Requirements
110 V - 1 Phase- 15 Amp
Part Number
Test Bench LED Light
Test Bench Drawer Assembly
Part Number
Part Number
1/4" NPT
3/8" NPT
1/2" NPT
3/4" NPT
3/8" JIC
1/2" JIC
2 Way Needle Valve
Relief Valve
HIPCO 60K Air Valve Repair Kit
Repair Seals
BE 1500 Pump
BE 2500 Pump
BE 3500 Pump
Test Bench Manifold

1 HP

110 V - 15 Amp

Single Phase Plug

NEMA 5-15